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Create TikTok Custom Audiences from any Data Extension

Sync Audiences

Use TikTok Ads as a channel in Journey Builder: add or suppress contacts from TikTok Custom Audiences.

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Stop spending $$ on people you DON'T know


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Install your app and start creating audiences in minutes. No Integration costs.

Audience data is automatically updated daily and is always securely hashed before being sent to TikTok.

TikTok AdZ is fully integrated in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The channel is even available in Journey Builder.

Secure & Scalable

Integrated with Salesforce

Leveraging First-Party Data to create Meaningful and Efficient Ads

Target Salesforce Marketing Cloud Audiences with TikTok Ads

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Capture TikTok Leads

Connect TikTok Instant Forms to Salesforce Marketing Cloud and capture new Leads.